Distant Origin Fortuny Shop

The first to bring Fortuny lighting outside Italy, Distant Origin has been carrying these unique lamps since 1989. In every gorgeous fixture the refined tradition of expert Venetian craftsmen is inherent. Each is a pleasing objet d'art that can accommodate any setting.

Fortuny's system of lighting consists of stage sets of collapsible domes comprised of layers of opaque cloth mounted on wire structures. This technique was developed in 1909 and continues unchanged to this day.

Fortuny lamps use their concave surface to subtly radiate and diffuse light. Opalescent silk is stretched over a carefully balanced wire form to create a dazzling silhouette. The silk is hand painted in motifs influenced by Oriental and antique Occidental art. The finishing ornaments are glass beads fastened beneath with silken cords. This collection is comprised of four prized designs: Scudo Saraceno, Scheherazade, Samarkanda and Cesendello.